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Did you know that always starting off your meal with protein or an oil will help to smooth out your blood sugar? This is so true that it is often suggested to leave out the omega fatty acids from your protein shake if you are going to exercise soon after.

I once forgot to avoid my protein shake with omega fatty acids before the blood test for my annual physical. When I talked to the lab tech we considered starting over another day but ultimately we went ahead with the test. Believe it or not, my blood sugar was perfectly normal on that test, 1/2 hour after I ate!

The rule is never start your meal with carbohydrates. Always have some protein first or an oil in conjunction with your carbohydrate. This will help to smooth out your blood sugar without the release of as much insulin as would otherwise be needed. If you are already being treated for hypoglycemia or diabetes please discuss this with your physician or nutritionist for their opinion first before trying.


Unless you are a patient of Dr. Landin's and have seen him very recently, this should not be construed as dental advice but only as information. Please consult your own dentist in regard to your personal situation or condition.

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