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Baseball: An Approach to Hitting

When I was in junior high school, my baseball coach, Mr. Schmidt took me aside and suggested that when the count was 2-0 or 3-1 I should only look for a pitch in the area that I liked the most, which for me was inside, belt high or lower. This is extremely valuable advice because statistically, when the hitter has the advantage, he hits for a much higher average. I am forever amazed when a  major league hitter looks bad on those counts because he should be in control of the situation. What could be better than only swinging at a pitch you love?
Over the years, I have come to believe that the same tactics should be used earlier in the count, either no count or 1-0. There really is no reason not to. The hitter is staying aggressive because he will swing if the pitch is right where he wants it but at the same time he will not be helping the pitcher out by swinging at a bad pitch.  Of course, once the count is in the pitcher's favor the hitter has to be less choosy and with two strikes he has to protect the plate i.e. swing at anything close.
Look at it from the pitcher's perspective. If he is thinking correctly he will mix in both inside and outside pitches while also varying them up and down. If you can avoid swinging at pitches that you have trouble handling, sooner or later he will give you one in your hitting area. Hitting is all about who has the advantage and if you can control your actions with a disciplined but still aggressive approach you can improve both your average and your power numbers.


Unless you are a patient of Dr. Landin's and have seen him very recently, this should not be construed as dental advice but only as information. Please consult your own dentist in regard to your personal situation or condition.

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