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Football: Battling the Predictability of your Offense

I  love the Giants. I can remember listening to their games on the radio in the early 60's. They have come a long way over the years, having won 4 Super Bowls. Despite their success, though, there are certain frustrations that most Giants fans still share including short yardage & inside the 10-yard line failure to score touchdowns.

The Giants' attitude has always been, "We know you know our plays & you know we know you know our plays but we are going to run them anyway.  This attitude works in the Super Bowl years because  they have the best talent but in other years when the talent is thinner the plays are too predictable to help.

Why are their plays predictable? There is no deception or variability. For example, inside the ten the Giants love to run the fade to the corner. I don't believe it worked the whole second half of the year because the cornerback was always overplaying it. Not once did the Giants fake the fade and run an inside move in conjunction with a pump fake. If they had the cornerback would not have had a chance.

Deception might include having a tight end or halfback faking a block and then dragging across the middle or running to an open area.  When these techniques are employed the defensive line's initial thrust is blunted because it is not delivered at the actual point of attack.  The Giants did devise a running play (originally run by the Jets) which accomplished this. They need more plays that involve deception.

When the back shoulder pass is picked off by a cornerback counting just like the Giants' wide receiver as happened last season against  Washington, it is high time to employ a complimentary play to keep the defense off balance. Only my beloved Giants would be too blind to correct the problem.


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