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Post Op Directions - Pain Medication

  1. Usually two regular strength Tylenol (acetaminophen) and two 200mg Advil (ibuprofen) every 4-6 hours are plenty for moderate pain.  For stronger pain you can take one or two more Advil.  It will seem like a lot of medicine but you are just titrating to the proper strength.  They make 800mg ibuprofen tablets and that is the most you would be taking every 4-6 hours.  You are limited to fifteen of the Advil (3000mg) in a 24-hour period as they are bad for your stomach.  If you get to fifteen you need to call Dr. Landin for something stronger.  This is rarely necessary.
  2. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are very stressful to your kidneys and liver. Drink plenty of water to counteract this effect. STAY HYDRATED!
  3. If you are given an antibiotic the full prescription should be taken no matter how well you are feeling.  The one exception is if you are NOT feeling better within 48 hours.  This means the bacteria are resistant to this particular antibiotic.  In this case call Dr. Landin.  He will usually prescribe a second antibiotic which will be more effective in killing the bacteria in your infection. Dispose of the remainder of the first prescription and take the second entirely. You should see a significant improvement in 24-48 hours.

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