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Instructions for Wearing a New Nightguard

I believe in a gradual introduction of your new nightguard to your mouth because there is a lot to get used to.  The guard will taste like plastic for a few days and so will your food. It will make you salivate more or give you dry mouth. It will probably feel very bulky and to top it all off you will have a very different bite.
I believe the last thing you want to do the first night is put your nightguard in just before you go to bed with all these strange changes occurring all at once. It will make it that much more difficult to sleep and even if you can sleep you could create a problem wearing it for six to eight hours right away.
Therefore, my instructions are to go slow. For the first three or four days just wear the guard around the house for one to two hours. This allows you to experience the salivary changes without committing to the whole night. In addition, if any of your teeth hurt during this period or your gums get very sore you should discontinue wearing the guard and contact me to discuss whether you need an adjustment. This is occasionally necessary and no big deal so call with any questions. It would be much worse not to correct an issue.
If you can wear the guard as prescribed above then you are ready to stretch your use for the next three or four days to two to three hours. Just wear it while you are watching TV or doing bookwork.
Finally, if you have no issue for two to three hours, step it up to three to four hours. If you can do this for three to four days without any problems, you are then ready to try it at night.  Even then you could run into a problem and you should call me.

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