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Post Op Directions - New Fillings - Bite

After a new filling, while you are numb, you will almost always feel that the filling is high.  (This is similar to the feeling that your cheek is fat when you are numb, which in most instances is not true.)  When the numbness wears off you should eat your first meal on the other side.  This meal should consist of soft things like scrambled eggs or soup.  If the bite does not feel right by the second meal you should stay off that side when chewing and call Dr. Landin.  This occurs in less than one percent of patients and is due to the patient not being able to close properly when numb. Dr. Landin will schedule you for a very short visit to recontour the filling.  Since you will not be numb at this appointment you usually will be able to tell right away that the bite has been corrected.

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