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Post Op Directions - Extraction

  1. When you leave the office you will be biting on a gauze. This is just insurance that the bleeding has completely ceased. (The doctor won't let you out of the office until this has already happened.)  After 30 minutes take the gauze out.  If it has bright red blood on it bite on a second gauze for another 30 minutes. To get the proper pressure on the gauze fold it into quarters. Remember that your saliva will be tinged a light red for the first day or so, so don't be too aggressive with the gauze at first. Usually, 60 minutes is more than enough time to insure that there will be no more bleeding.
  2. Do not rinse, spit, or suck on a straw for 24 hours- I want you to drink plenty of cool liquids because you now have a wound that must heal, but I don't want you to retain fluids in your mouth because they might disturb the blood clot, which could lead to a dry socket.
  3. Have cool, soft meals for 24 hours. Again, this will be kinder to the blood clot and won't encourage bleeding.
  4. Avoid smoking or imbibing alcohol.  Smoking can impede the healing process and alcohol will perpetuate the bleeding while dehydrating you.
  5. If it bleeds later in the day  bite on gauze for 30 minutes. If at that time it still looks like it is bleeding bite on gauze for another 30 minutes.  The only action by the patient that controls bleeding is PRESSURE.  Rinsing will just perpetuate bleeding. 
  6. An alternative to the gauze is a moist teabag.  Tea contains tannic acid which will encourage clotting.  Any instance where bleeding lasts beyond 60 minutes requires that you call Dr. Landin. Leave a message on the answering machine and call the emergency number.
  7. Pain medicine should be taken as directed. 

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